• Patrons who are exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms shall not be allowed to dine.
  • Employees who are exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms shall not be allowed to work.
  • All patrons are to be seated (both inside and on the patio) while eating and/or drinking. Please refrain from visiting with other tables and minimize movement around the restaurant. Six-foot distancing shall be maintained between tables, and six-foot social distancing shall be maintained between different parties.
  • All employees are required to wear protective face coverings when in all areas open to the public.
  • All dining surfaces, including tables, chairs and highchairs will be cleaned and sanitized between customers.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces like doors, door handles, service counters, restrooms and waiting areas must be completed at a minimum of every 90 minutes.
  • We will adhere to all requirements set forth in the Kansas City Missouri Food Code, including hand washing frequency, employee health guidelines and proper sanitization of surfaces.
  • We will continue to offer curbside/to-go and delivery to help minimize contact among people.
  • Patrons who spend more than 10 minutes seated at the restaurant will be asked to provide their name and phone number. This is completely voluntary. Logs will be kept confidential and will only be used to aid efforts to notify customers and staff about potential COVID-19 exposure. Logs will be deleted after 30 days.
  • Patrons of restaurants are encouraged to wear protective face coverings while in the restaurant unless seated at a table.
  • Digital menus and throw-away paper menus will be provided.


In order to provide a safe environment for customers and staff, please do not enter if you have any of the following:
1. If you have been in close contact with a person confirmed to have COVID-19
2. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19
3. If you have traveled in the past 3 weeks
4. If you have had close contact with someone who has traveled in the past 3 weeks
5. If you have any of the following new symptoms:

• Fever and/or chills
• Dry, non-productive cough
• Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath
• Sore throat
• Sneezing or runny nose
• Body aches (other than from an injury)
• New loss of taste or smell
• New rashes or open sores with fever
• Night sweats
• Severe headache
• Stiff neck
• Eye Redness, swelling or discharge
• Vomiting or diarrhea

Customers are encouraged to maintain social distancing, use sanitizers, wash hands regularly and to use face masks when not eating or drinking. 

Establishments are limited by Order of the Mayor and the Governor and Health Officials as to capacity.