Thank for your interest in our Charitable Gift Card Donation Program!

• All organizations must submit a Donation Request Form to be considered. We cannot accept emails and/or phone calls for donation requests.
• Donation Request Forms must be submitted no fewer than 30 days prior to your event.
• Our Gift Cards are accepted at The Well Bar Grill and Rooftop, Lew’s Grill and Bar and Charlie Hooper’s Bar and Grille.
• Email with questions or comments.
• We are happy to consider donation requests from all types of organizations, schools and events EXCEPT the following:
-Individuals seeking aid
-Organizations lacking proof of 501(c)(3) status
-Conferences and seminars
-Research studies or projects
-Travel or transportation expenses
-Capital campaigns, building projects or equipment
• We do not provide food donations or food sampling for events, nor do we make cash donations or provide cash sponsorships of individuals or organizations.

To begin your donation request, please review/complete all information below and click “Submit”

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